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Custom writing is a business of writing essays for students and professionals at a fee. Such an essay is professionally written by an individual or a company that have specialized in the doing the work. A custom essay has to meet the customer requirements. In custom writings, the client supplies details of the format he wants he intends his/her essay to have. These details are very crucial in custom writings. Custom writers are very particular when it comes to meeting customer requirements because a careless mistake in ones essay can cause them loose a lifetime customer. The writer need be well versed with things like referencing which are very important in essay writing. Writing is a very important skill that is not with many students. Such students seek help from custom writing where they give orders to the writers to write essays for them.


An essay custom writing need be of high quality and for clients to be impressed. Students who seek custom writing help in most cases are those that lack writing and research skills. Writing an essay is a skill that many pass through school curriculum and come out without a proper idea of how it is done. This at times is due to custom writings that make many students bypass the test of their writing and research skills. It could have been better if learners took the responsibility of learning these skills rather than opting for custom writings in doing essays. However, writing a good essay requires one to go beyond class work and carry out own research on how to write essays. It is developed over time through constant practice.


Our writers have to follow the set international standards of writing. These standards are in different styles of referencing. One of the internationally known referencing styles is APA style. When an essay writer is instructed to write a paper in APA style, all his/her referencing style is put in that style. These set international referencing styles help essay writers to avoid plagiarism by referencing borrowed information from other sources. When referencing a source of information within the text using APA style, essay writers need to quotes the sources surname and the year of publication of the source. An APA style paper is different from MLA paper in formatting. Papers written in APA style contain a title page while those in MLA style do not. Essay writers need to know the clear differences that exist between different referencing styles. APA style papers have to be presented in APA style format.


All work done by writers must be in one of the international writing styles. APA style papers are common in essay writing than most of the other styles such as Chicago. In essay writing, writers first learn the existing different referencing styles before they can write an essay in any format. This helps them to differentiate between the styles and know how to reference a source in a certain style. Essays writers need also to understand all the different referencing within a certain style that exists when referencing different sources. Essay writing is an important skill that students need to acquire to enable them do good research work.

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