Research question:

 “Impact of wars and instabilities in the DRC (Congo) on Christians Faith, Origins and Solutions”.


What I intend to do: In my essay, I would like to address the current situation in which Christianity is developing in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) today, its impact on the society when promoted with negative intents and the aim of manipulating. To achieve this, I am planning to talk about how Christianity was introduced in that region through missionaries and their roles before independence, during and after independence. The way Christianity has been forced, received and understood by the indigenous and how these ones have also nursed it till today and its instrumentalisation by the political authorities who are using the religious authorities, clergies, Pastors, etc. the same way the Colonialists also used religion to subject the populations of indigenous. And to conclude I would like to suggest different solutions available to the true Christians and ministers of Christ who can and should play a role to prevent this mass brainwash.

How do I want it to be done: The author is free to use his initiative, however the 4000 words essay must clearly be divided in 3 mains sections as follow


Introduction (~300 words) 75 words I am talking about the intrumentalization of Christianity in DRC for political means and how we got here (Not exactly as I have phrased it…author can write whatever style suits his text) Suggesting materials


75 Controversial statement (a quote on missionaries who brought Christianity in Africa… I suggest one of the reasons was to help their colonialist intents, just a suggestion to the author )  
150 A brief explanation of what I am going to do in my essay i.e:

* This essay is an attempt to examine the impact of ….

*The research tools used, namely interviews and observation, audio visual materials, books, etc.

*The remaining part of the essay has 3 sections, which are A, B and C …

A focuses on the introductory and methodological approach of the essay… B constitute the historical background B1 old and B2 current and C will give the conclusions and suggestions

Development (2350words)


400 Here in want the author to talk about

Historical context then (long term causes) before colonization / in 18th century till colonisation what was the religion practised…missionaries (speech of Leopold II and his recommendation to missionaries) etc.…

400 Here in want the author to talk about things like

Historical Now (Immediate causes) from colonization to Independence in 1960 then now, how religion was embraced by Congolese who in great number start becoming clergies, pastors, priests, etc. and their role always influenced by the political etc.

-14-15 –

-UN reports

– IMF reports

– Open door, Christian Aid

600 Here in want the author to talk about things like

Political History of DRC (manipulation/politics /persecution of Christian)

Role of religious authorities always controlled and deviated by the government to help their cause: -alienated and brain wash the population for them to ignore the politics and not ask them account – government also will let those so called pastors get away with many bad practises and manipulations, fraudulent practises, indulgences, exaggerated tithes, etc…

550 Here in want the author to talk about things like

What Christians are doing to challenge the government/ Cardinal Malula- a catholic authority killed (poison) by President Mobutu for expressing his opinions against dictator too loud / Cardinal Etshu- another Catholic authority who also was killed the same way by President Kabila for expressing his views on fraudulent elections in 2011- Pastor Lukusa who was also killed by President Kabila for standing against the dictator, etc.

400 Here in want the author to talk about things like

Theology: African beliefs and Christianity and theology in Africa.


Conclusion (1350words) 450 Here in want the author to talk about things like

Challenges/ Conclusions/Solutions/ My assessment

What difficulties are the Christians in Congo having … their understanding of religion not dissociated to the economy … victims of prosperity gospel – a listing of all the problems and challenges, etc. -11-26-27-28-29-30

400 Here in want the author to talk about things like

What should be done / what the Christian should do to help themselves to get out of that trap

300 Here in want the author to talk about things like

Theological challenges/ -11-26-27-28-29-30

200 Here in want the author to talk about things like

Recommendations  -11-26-27-28-29-30


Materials to consult are, (plus any other material that author could find useful):

1: Wild-Wood, E. (2012) Migration and Christian identity in Congo (DRC). Netherlands: Brill Academic Pub.

2: Fromont, C. (ed.) (2014) The art of conversion: Christian visual culture in the kingdom of Kongo. Philadelphia, PA, United States: The University of North Carolina Press.

3: Parker, J. and Ferguson, E. (2002) The Congo’s African American Livingstone. Available at: (Accessed: 14 February 2017).

4: Chandler, I.H. and Yong, A. (eds.) (2014) Global Diasporas and mission. United Kingdom: Regnum Books International.

5: Richard Hoskins (2011) Witch child documentary. Available at: (Accessed: 14 February 2017).

6: BBC (2013) Congolese pastors picking out ‘witch children’, branded a witch – BBC Three. Available at: (Accessed: 14 February 2017).















21:  (In French)

22: (In French)

23: (In French)


25: (In French)

26: (a great deal of what I want to say in my essay is within this text which is in French, a French speaking author will find this very helpful)

27: (In French)

28: (In French / this is in Congo Brazza but not very different of what is also happening in DRC)



31: Reports on DR Congo from UN, IMF, Christian Aid, Tear fund, Open Doors must be quoted and referenced





Every section must be well filled with a persuasive and accurate text with citations, a consistent and sound text which is backed up with provided proofs (in case of doubt kindly contact me).

All inside text citations must follow the Harvard model (a booklet for referencing is also uploaded for guidance) this must be followed properly.

-Every material listed in the bibliography must be traceable in the text

Bibliography at the end must be in an alphabetical order, this site [] can help to do that



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