Preferred lаnguаge stуle: English (U.K.) <br /><br />Assessment criteriа:<br /><br />Essay (2500 wоrds)<br /><br />Word count or equivalent: 2500 (excluding references and patient profile)<br /> <br />The essay requires you to critically analyse your contribution to the care and management of a critically ill level 3 patient. In the essay you will be expected to firstly demonstrate a detailed knowledge of the pathophysiological basis of the patient’s problems, Secondly, show evidence of good critiquing skills in evaluating research findings so that you can determine appropriate therapeutic interventions and contribute to advance in practice. You will also be expected to demonstrate the ability to critically challenge practice taking into account the dynamic social, cultural, spiritual, legal, political and economic factors affecting intensive care nursing practice. You will need to demonstrate ethical discernment and sound clinical judgment in arguing clinical support of critically ill patients and in advocating and leading intensive nursing care practice initiatives.<br /><br />You will be assessed according to the College of Nursing, Midwifery & Healthcare generic marking criteria .These criteria grade your work under the following categories:<br />Degree to which each learning outcome has been achieved<br />Structure<br />Writing<br />Style<br />Sources / Evaluation of literature<br />Referencing<br /><br />The essay requires you to critically analyse and evaluate your contribution to the care and management of a critically ill patient and demonstrate enhanced synthesis with regard to future care recommendations. This patient should have received multiple organ support (at least 2 systems e.g. respiratory, cardiac, renal) in order for you to demonstrate the breadth and depth of your knowledge. The work should be a reflective critique of the care that you provided during one period of care, for example – one shift. “YOUR PATIENTS PROFILE” is essential in this Essay.<br /><br />ESSAY:<br /><br />The work should start with an explicit introduction, clearly outlining the content of your paper and highlighting for the reader what will be discussed during the course of it. <br /><br />Within the body of the essay we only expect you to discuss the pathophysiological impact and management of three of the patient’s bodily systems. If more were involved, acknowledge these and then indicate which systems you will focus on. Remember to refer back to your patient profile as you discuss the management of each of the systems within your essay.<br /><br />Discuss the pathophysiology behind the reason for your patient’s admission and then describe the process that caused this to impact on the other organs involved, for example; if your patient was septic- where did the infection occur? What was the pathophysiological process that occurred as a result? How did this then spread systemically to have an effect on the other organs that required support during your shift?<br /><br />Critically analyse and evaluate the care that you provided for your patient in response to the physiological processes affecting each of the systems you have identified, including the physiological actions of any drugs that were being administered.<br /><br />You should provide detailed rationales for the care that was delivered, an evaluation of the effectiveness of these and reflection on alternative management strategies. You could also suggest how the care you provided could be enhanced in the future as a result of your experience in this situation, especially with regard to other therapies that could be initiated. When managing patient’s haemodynamic status for example, you may wish to explore the type of fluids administered to improve intravascular volume or debate different advanced methods of haemodynamic assessment that may have been appropriate for the patient’s condition.<br /><br />You will also need to consider the wider dimensions of care delivery when nursing a critically ill patient, for example; any socio-cultural, socio-economic, ethico-legal, professional or political issues impacting on decision making and patient management. Ethical factors in particular should be addressed as these are always present in level 3 care (to a greater or lesser extent). You can raise these points at any appropriate place within the work, for example, if you are discussing limitation of therapy with regards to escalation of inotropic support this may be discussed within the cardiovascular management of the patient. Your work should also demonstrate your ability to identify the strategic role of the experienced intensive care nurse, both in terms of expert care delivery, shift co-ordination and team management. <br /><br />Your conclusion for the essay should provide a summary of what you have written; therefore the patient’s admission, organ failure and management in a concise paragraph.<br /><br />Finally, please remember !<br /> <br />When you have written your essay you should ensure that it meets the assignment criteria above i.e. that it includes: <br /><br />The pathophysiological basis of the patients problems <br />A critical analysis of practice taking into account the dynamic social, cultural, spiritual, legal, political and economic factors affecting intensive care nursing.<br />Evaluation of research findings to determine appropriate therapeutic interventions. <br />Consideration of wider issues impacting on care delivery; in particular ethical discernment and clinical judgment in arguing support of critically ill patients and of intensive care practice initiatives<br />Strategic care delivery and leadership in practice.

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